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Russia's President Vladimir Putin is to meet his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi later today with the Syrian crisis high on the agenda. At talks earlier this month, Turkey failed to get Russia and Iran the Syrian government’s main allies to agree to a ceasefire in the rebel-held province of Idlib. Yolande Knell reports.

Negotiations between Russia and Turkey have continued since a summit in Tehran ten days ago ended with disagreements. And after a series of airstrikes when the Syrian government offensive to recapture Idlib looked imminent, the last few days have been relatively calm. President Erdogan has warned that a full scale assault would result in a bloodbath and send a new wave of refugees into his country. Turkish officials have been calling for targeted operations against the Jihadi's group which controls most of Idlib province.

The Australian government has ordered an investigation after sewing needles were found in hidden in punnets of strawberries across the country. Six states and territories have had reports of fruit that's been tampered with. One man was hospitalized after eating a sabotaged strawberry. Several brands of the fruit have been pulled from supermarket shelves. The BBC Simon Atkinson is in Sydney.

Strawberries actually already have been a bit of talking point in Australia the last few weeks. It's actually the low price of strawberries already before this incidents took place. That was just due to a glut in the market if you like. And this is the pushing the price even more as people you know perhaps choose to stay away from the fruit. It is causing concerns, the farmers already having a difficult time in parts of the country, drought, of course. The big question the moment is is this one person, one disgruntled person who's got involved or have there been a couple of cases and then or the so called copycat incidents taking place as well.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted that the only alternative to her plan for Brexit is leaving the EU with no deal. Mrs. May was speaking to the BBC with just over six months to go until Brexit.

I believe we'll get a good deal. We'll bring that back from the EU negotiations and put that to Parliament. I think that the alternative to that will be not having a deal, because I don't think there will be... a] I don't think the negotiations would have that deal and b] we're leaving on the 29th of March 2019.

Mrs. May sharply criticized proposals put forward by some members of her Conservative Party last week to solve one of the most difficult problems—the border with Ireland.

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