Recycle 2 A Farewell Party

1.Let's read.1。让我们看一下。

Good morning,boys and girls.It is the end of the school year.早上好,男孩和女孩。今天是本学年的结束。

We're going to have a farewell party next Sunday.下星期日我们准备举行一个告别宴会。

Would you like to perform at the party? Sure.你想在晚会上表演吗?当然。

I can sing songs.I can play the piano.I can play erhu.我会唱歌。我会弹钢琴。我会拉二胡。

What can you do,Mike?迈克,你能做什么,什么?

Let's me see.I can do Chinese Kung fu.让我想想。我会中国功夫。

How about you,Miss White?你呢,怀特小姐?

I can dance.Let's invite your parents to the party.我会跳舞。让我们邀请你们的父母来参加。

Super! Great!好极了。太好了。

3.Listen,write,match and say.3。听,写和说,比赛。

Saren keeps a diary.Listen and fill in the blanks.辰辰日记。听录音并填空。

June 5th Dear diary.I am sad.六月五日亲爱的日记。我很伤心。

I am going back to America next month.我下个月就将回到美国。

I will leave China and all my friends.我将离开中国和所有我的朋友。

We'll have a party next Sunday.I am excited.下星期日我们要举行晚会。我很兴奋。

Everyone is going to bring gifts.每个人都带了礼物。

___ I will give him a small stamp from America.___我会给他一张美国的小邮票。

___ I will give him a CD violin music.___我会给他一个小提琴音乐。

___ I will give her some coloured pencils.___我会给她一些彩色铅笔。

Wu Yifan likes making things.He is going to be a scientist in th future.吴一凡喜欢制作东西。他打算将来成为一名科学家。

I will give him a book about Thomas Edison.I'm sure he will like that.我会给他一个关于托马斯爱迪生的书。我确信他一定会喜欢的。

I don't want to say goodbye to my friends.我不想说再见了我的朋友。

5.Listen and write.5听和写。

It's time to say goodbye to ____.是时候说再见____。

It's time to say goodbye to my ____.是时候说再见我的____。

Goodbye to the ____.Goodbye to the ____.对____再见到____再见。

Goodbye to China and friends.中国朋友说再见。

It's time to say goodbye to China.是时候说再见中国。

It's time to say goodbye to my friends.现在是时候说再见了我的朋友。

I studied hard.I learned ____.Goodbye to China and friends.我努力学习。我学会了____中国朋友说再见。

It's time to say goodbye to China.是时候说再见中国。

It's time to say goodbye to my friends.现在是时候说再见了我的朋友。

Goodbye to the ____.Goodbye to the ____.Goodbye to China and friends.对____再见。再见到____中国朋友说再见。

6.Let's read.6。让我们看一下。

Hello.Who's that?你好;您是哪一位?

Hello.This is Liu Yun speaking.I have a cold.你好;我是刘芸。我感冒了。

I can't go to the party.我不能去参加聚会。

I am sorry to hear that.How do you feel?听到此事我很难过。您觉得怎么样?

I have a sore throat.我嗓子痛。

I hope you will get better soon.我希望你尽快好起来。

Thank you.Is everybody having a good time?谢谢你。是所有人都很开心?

Yes.Zhang Pend is playing the piano.Chen Jie and Mike are singing.是的。张悬挂在弹钢琴。陈洁和麦克唱歌。

John is dancing.Ed is opening a present.Amy and Wu Yifan are playing games.约翰是跳舞。ED是打开的礼物。艾米和吴一凡在玩游戏。

I want to come,too.我想,太。

Don't be sad.We will give you a surprise.别难过了。我们将给你一个惊喜。

Really?What will that be?真的吗?那会是什么呢?

Just wait and see.Get well soon.就等着看会很快好起来。

Thank you again and say hello to my friends.Bye.再次感谢你对我的friends.bye问好。


Wu Yifan is reading some tongue twisters.吴一凡正在读绕口令。

Would you like to join him?你想加入吗?

Get in groups and see how many tongue twisters you can read in one minute?加入组,看到许多绕口令你一分钟能读?

We went to Spain in the rain,and to France to buy pants.我们在雨中去西班牙,去法国买了裤子。

We ate turkey in Turkey and bought china in China.我们在土耳其吃火鸡,在中国买瓷器。

We bought fans in Japan and a dolly in Bali.我们在日本买扇子,在巴厘的一个洋娃娃。

12.Let's sing. We're Going Back....12。让我们唱歌。我们会回来的…

13.Let's read.13。让我们看一下。

May I come in? Just a minute.我可以进来吗?请等一下。

Hi! Miss White!你好。怀特小姐!

Yes,it's me. And me. And me.是的,是我。和我。和我。

It's so nice to see you all.Come in please.见到你们真是太好了。请进来。

How are you today? I feel much better.今天怎么样?我感觉好多了。

Here is a book of stamps.I know you like collection stamps.这是一本邮票。我知道你喜欢收集邮票。

Thank you.This is a small gift from me.I hope you like it.谢谢你。这是我的一份小小的礼物。我希望你喜欢它。

I wrote a poem.I hope you like it.我写了一首诗。我希望你喜欢它。

Thank you.This is a book about panda.谢谢你。这是一本关于熊猫。

Thank you so much.真是感激不尽。

Let's take a picture together!一起合张影吧.

Great! Cheese!太好了。奶酪!

14.Story time.故事时间的14。

I have some good news and some bad news.我有一些好消息和一个坏消息。

What is it? I'm going away for a long time.这是怎么一回事?我要离开一段时间。

I'm sorry to hear that. Where are you going?听到这个消息我感到很遗憾。你去哪儿?

America.My father has a new job there.美国。我的父亲有一个新的工作。

This is good news for your father.It is sad news for me.这对你的父亲是个好消息。这对我来说是坏消息。

Me,too. Will you be going to a new school?我也是。你会去一所新学校?

I will be going to a new middle school.I'll be in grade 7.我将要去一所新中学。我在7年级。

Will you promise to write to me?你答应给我写信吗?

Of course. Take care. Take care.当然了.保重!保重!


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